SEMO Pets opens new facility, adoptions increase

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

It’s been an eventful couple years for Southeast Missouri (SEMO) Pets with the opening of their new adoption center after 40 years of planning and dreaming up the facility. Both adoptions and volunteers have increased significantly.

Overall, this new facility allowed SEMO Pets to grow in more ways than one. They’ve added new staff, as the atmosphere of the new facility is more welcoming for employees, visitors and volunteers alike. It has set a new standard in animal care and rescue, giving animals in their care a safer, more comfortable place to live while waiting for their new homes. It was also recently included in a national construction organization calendar.

By adopting a pet from SEMO Pets, you get so much more than a new addition to your family.

“We care and we don’t stop caring after their pet is adopted. They [the new owners] become a part of our extended family,” said Jeena Roy, office manager at SEMO Pets.

SEMO Pets is proud to be a “No Kill” shelter and they have an extensive variety of programs that help place pets in homes and provide aid to the community. It can be difficult to find ways to maintain their “No Kill” status, but SEMO Pets is committed to this mission and is constantly finding ways to keep it successful.

They are also involved in community outreach, and now contract with 10 different communities to help them with stray and animal-related issues. SEMO Pets provides many services including a spay and neuter assistance program (SNAP) that provides discounted rates to spay and neuter animals.

SEMO Pets, formerly known as Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, changed their name to better reflect their status as a free-standing not-for-profit that relies on community support. Learn more about how to support SEMO Pets on their Facebook.