Who is most to blame for failure to pass border reform?

Which country’s leadership is the most dangerous?

The NFL is adding more streaming exclusive games this year. Are you OK with the NFL broadcasting more games exclusively on streaming platforms instead of over-the-air or basic cable stations?

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump recently agreed to debate on June 27 and Sept. 10, going outside the Commission on Presidential Debates. Who do you think stands to benefit more politically from participating in the debates?

Missouri’s professional sports franchises have publicly supported legal sports gambling in the state. Do you?

With the opening of the Cape Aquatic Center (formerly called Central Pool), the opening of Cape Splash for the summer season, and the ongoing use of the Jefferson Pool, do you plan to use any of the local water parks in the next six months?

Do you plan to attend an outdoor summer concert?

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is proposing that marijuana be reclassified from a “Schedule I” drug to a less tightly regulated “Schedule III” drug. The proposal, though a change in the recognition of cannabis, stops short of legalizing it at the federal level for recreational use. Do you agree with this proposal?

Criminal immunity for a sitting president should extend to:

Are you following Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York City?

When you travel, do you prefer to stay at a hotel or Airbnb/Vrbo?

Do you think you are saving enough money for retirement?

Those with drug felonies are currently excluded from receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits in Missouri, formerly known as food stamps, after they are released from prison. Legislation in the Missouri General Assembly would repeal this ban. Should Missouri repeal the ban, which would allow drug felons to receive these benefits upon release from prison?

What is the biggest challenge America faces?

In the April election, voters in the Jackson School District said no to Proposition T, which would have raised property taxes to increase salaries for the district’s teachers. This is the second time a salary-related ballot issue has failed in Jackson in recent years. What should the school district do next following this result?

In the April election, Cape Girardeau voters said no to a property tax increase that would have raised salaries for public safety workers in the city. What should city officials do next following this result?

How much do you follow the NCAA college basketball tournament?

What grade would you give President Joe Biden's State of the Union address?

Do you agree with the Biden administration's recent decision to cancel $1.2 billion in student debt for 153,000 borrowers?

Should cursive handwriting be required education in the state's public schools?