Do you agree with the juryís decision in the Ahmaud Arbery case?

Do you agree with the juryís decision in the Kyle Rittenhouse case?

Do you use a health savings account or similar account to help with medical expenses?

Whatís your opinion of the $2 trillion social spending and climate bill passed by the US House of Representatives?

How do you prefer to read books?

Do you intend to spend more or less on Christmas gifts this year as compared to 2020?

How often do you purchase a new cellphone?

Should St. Louis receive an NFL expansion team as part of its compensation for losing the Rams to Los Angeles?

Would you support state film tax credits in Missouri as an economic development tool?

Will you (or would you if it were applicable) have your child (age 5 and older) vaccinated for COVID-19?

Do you support a proposal backed by the Biden Treasury that would require banks to report transactions of at least $10,000 a year?

Will you/did you watch the World Series?

If you could afford it financially, would you consider traveling to space as a tourist?

Do you agree with the decision to fire Cardinals manger Mike Shildt?

Do you plan to get a flu shot this year?

How much did the recent outages of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp impact you?

If eligible, would you opt to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot?

Are you comfortable returning to large public gatherings such as movies, sports, concerts and other events?

Do you plan to vote for the use tax on the ballot Nov. 2 in the cities of Cape Girardeau, Jackson and Scott City?

Do you pay for a streaming serving such as Netflix or other similar entertainment options?