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Posted by fxpwt on Fri, Apr 24, 2020, at 6:38 AM:

Blame game

One of the poll questions in the Southeast Missourian was "Whom do you blame most for the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic?" 63.7% of those surveyed wisely said China, but 22.6% said Trump and his administration. Are you kidding me? You may not like Trump or his bombastic task force briefings. He is not my favorite human being either. But, there is overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 originated in China and spread worldwide due to China's efforts to cover up the truth. Whether their actions were intentional or not remains to be seen. If your vote was one of the 22.6%, you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid while Trump keeps winning for America.

Biden, COVID-19

Do you know the difference between a Joe Biden presidency and the Corona-virus? You have a chance of recovering from the virus.

Tax deferment

The Jackson Board of Aldermen approved another tax deferment (bond financing ordinance) for a business to come to Jackson. This makes no sense. Tax revenue was down in 2019 and everyone knows it's going to be down again in 2020. Most studies show these tax deferments only benefit the business and not the municipality or tax paying citizens. The board should stick to issues more fitting in their wheelhouse like Homecomers dates.

Flu season

The CDC released their final tallies for flu season: up to 62,000 deaths and 740,000 hospitalizations. Do with that information what you'd like.

China litigation

Are the taxpayers of Missouri paying for the frivolous lawsuit against China over the pandemic? Making Attorneys Great Again is the battle cry of the GOP in its efforts to get Trump re-elected. Scapegoats are the order of the day.

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