Letter to the Editor

Throwing money at tobacco ills is no solution

To the editor:

After reading the letter from Dr. Ted D. Groshong, president of the Missouri chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, responding to the November proposition for a tobacco sin tax, I was sickened.

To say the AAP's support of the proposition is "about making life better for our kids and making sure they grow up into healthy, productive adults" seems to me just a twisted rebuttal trying to harp on emotional concerns that everyone would have about the welfare of children.

I find it completely absurd that Groshong feels throwing tax money at the intended issue would in any way help the matter. Besides, how do we even know the money will be used to fund health and child care? Gov. Bob Holden has already diverted funds reaped from Big Tobacco settlement that were supposed to benefit the same issues.

I guess in theory if we get taxed enough, instead of throwing the money into a fire it could someday put the fire out. Maybe.


Chillicothe, Mo.