Speak Out 6-18-24

Missouri flowers

​News Flash! Native flowers from Missouri are weeds!

Biden fundraiser

​Biden has a fundraiser in California along with Hollywood snobs Clooney and Julia Roberts. That is the only way he can draw a crowd. Trump on the other hand will draw thousands in Detroit.

Separation of powers

​The fact that Trump wants the Republicans in Congress to overturn his 34 convictions shows how delusional he really is. Congress has absolutely no authority to overturn a state conviction, or even a federal one at that. It’s called separation of powers for a reason. The other name for what Trump wants is called the weaponization of the law.

Casting stones

​It’s really troubling what’s going on in our country. Regardless of what party, religion or affiliation you associate yourself with assaulting each other verbally or physically is horrible. We all do things that are not right. Jesus once said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone." Maybe we should all ponder on that on a daily basis.

Disappointing Cardinals

The St Louis Cardinal fans are showing their disappointment of this year’s team by not going to the games. The lack of scoring runs and too many errors have been a problem. The young, inexperienced manager is another factor, but to be fair, we can’t expect him to manage a team with every player not producing. The upper management chose him and are responsible for the downfall of one of the once better teams in the league. Ultimately the ownership has to take responsibility for the team on the field. Hopefully, the players will play to their potential and turn things around, but at best they can end with a winning record but are far from being a World Series contender.