Local banking from local people at Southern Bank

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Friday, May 26, 2023

Southern Bank understands that communities evolve. Thatís why our focus isnít just on being in the community but being a part of the community. This means understanding the needs of the people and businesses around us and adapting. It means hearing from the people we serve and responding. It means treating them like neighbors, because we are neighbors.

The people you see at Southern Bank behind the counter cheer alongside you for the same teams on Friday night. We serve at the same food pantries and enjoy the same restaurants. We are invested in this community because we are a part of this community.

We have two locations in Cape Girardeau and one in Jackson with two locals leading the way: Brian Rivenburgh who serves as Market President for Cape Girardeau, and Justin Keen who serves as Community Bank President for Jackson.

You can reach out by calling (855) 452-7272 or get to know us at bankwithsouthern.com. Weíll see you online, or around town.