A Note of Appreciation

My family and I would like to recognize the heroic effort by the EMS team that saved my dad's life. On Wednesday, July 20th, my dad (Ray Doyle) went to work like any other day, but it turned out to be the worst day of our lives. He got what we and the doctor believe to be food poisoning at lunch. He started having the effects of food poisoning around 3pm and seven hours later went into cardiac arrest.

As a cardiac nurse I am very aware the statistics of someone surviving a full cardiac arrest for as long as he did. I am positive that without the quick response and action by the firefighters of Station 3 and paramedics from CCPA my father would not be alive today. He was in VFib cardiac arrest for approximately 50 minutes before regaining a pulse. We believe that Ladder 3 responders arrived at my parents' house at the same time he went into cardiac arrest. Through their efforts his life was not only saved but he is alert, oriented, walking on his own and now has returned home!

We will never be able to show just how much we appreciate all of their hard work but would like for them to be recognized in some way. Battalion Chief Shawn Miller, who did a wonderful job of keeping my mom calm as all of this took place. The Engine 3 crew with Captain Mike Schmidt, firefighters Matt Oloughlin & Zach Ramsey along with paramedics James & Allen for their hard work performing lifesaving CPR. They had to transport him to Southeast Health at which time Dr. Miller and the ER staff took over. Without each of them and their hard work this night could have ended much more tragically for my dad and our family.

If you would please take the time to recognize their hard work and dedication because a simple thank you simply isn’t enough.


Rachel (Doyle) Massey