Speak Out 7-31-22


I have read where people are saying the two-game series with Toronto is critical to the Cardinals making the playoffs and Goldschmidt and Arenado are selfish for not getting the vaccine and are not allowed in Canada. First, it is their right to choose to get a shot that doesn't prevent the spread of COVID just as it's everyone's right to get the shot. Second, this series won't keep them out of playoffs. Toronto won the first game, and it was because they are a better team right now. The Cardinals have lost too many games by not scoring enough runs and inconsistent starting pitching and injuries to key players. They are playing like an average team. They have a team that should be sweeping the weaker teams, but they haven't and the elite teams are beating them consistently.

Moral decay

We live in a country that has lost its way. We were once honorable and truth mattered. We had high moral values. Even if you weren't a believer in God, leaders had integrity and put our country first. Our leaders could be trusted to do what was best to protect us. Police were respected by most and feared by some. In today's world our government is broken, corruption is common, and our police get very little respect. Our once great nation is failing in all aspects. We are in a path of self destruction. Our enemies do not respect us nor fear us. The world could once depend on us to be the moral compass and be the one country to lead by example. All of the illegal immigrants crossing our borders will be disappointed to see our country turning into what they left.

Suicide rates

What are the suicide rates in Southeast Missouri? Is "died at home" a euphemism for suicide or drug overdose? Or are drug overdoses, intentional or not, really just a form of suicide?

Garden Club

How do you contact Ramblewood Garden Club if you want to recommend someone's yard?

Trump presidency

Donald Trump is now whining about being the most put upon president in history. No president has suffered as much as he has. I would think that Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy would disagree with that statement.