ShotSpotter is helping Cape PD with identifying shots fired incidents

The gunshot-locating system ShotSpotter has been in place in Cape Girardeau since May, and early feedback from law enforcement indicates the tool is helping police respond to the right location -- and faster -- following shots-fired alerts. It's also leading to more arrests.

Cpl. Ryan Droege of the Cape Girardeau Police Department gave an example in mid-May of the system registering a gunshot near 627 S. Sprigg St.

Police arrived on the scene about three minutes after the alert, Droege said. A handgun was found, officers located two people, and an individual was charged with felony unlawful possession of a firearm.

Droege said they received no calls about this incident. So in this case the ShotSpotter tool played a key role in the arrest.

Though it's not perfect, the system is generally able to determine the difference between a gunshot, vehicles backfiring and fireworks.

A recent story by Southeast Missourian reporter Beau Nations noted the department has had 35 detections by ShotSpotter since May.

ShotSpotter appears to be working for Cape Girardeau so far. We're glad Cape PD has this tool to help crack down on gun crimes in the area.