SADI kicks off campaign for outdoor garden, recreation area

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Monday, June 20, 2022 ~ Updated 8:38 PM

We all strive for our independence. We cherish it because we know it can be lost. We can’t always gain it on our own. Sometimes we need help.

This is the main goal of the SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence (SADI) — to enable persons with disabilities to remain in their own homes, not an institution. Since 1993, SADI has been helping individuals with physical and developmental limitations achieve their independence.

After opening the SADI CARES Behavior Therapy Clinic in 2021, SADI is now focused on raising funds and building an outdoor garden/recreation area for their consumers to enjoy.

“SADI has always been a place where someone living with a disability can come and not just feel welcome but feel at home,” said executive director Donna Thompson. “Now with the clinic here, it has been a year of learning for all of us!”

Intentionally broadening their focus to start serving those with developmental disabilities, it is important to the staff at SADI to provide a safe, caring and creative environment where these individuals can continue to learn and grow. With the Behavior Therapy Clinic in the main building, all SADI staff members have the opportunity to interact with the consumers during the day.

“Observing their progress is remarkable,” Thompson said. “We want to continue to be that safe place for those who need us. As cliche as it sounds, we really are a family here!”

SADI offers services such as peer support, life skills trainings, advocacy, information and referrals, and integrated transition. These services help their consumers gain their independence by opening doors for persons with disabilities and teaching them how to open doors for themselves.

To learn more, visit or call (573) 651-6464.