Montgomery Bank provides innovative banking technologies but with personal, trustworthy service

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022 ~ Updated 8:47 PM

Today, there’s almost no need to actually walk into a bank. Not when it’s so easy to pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, or even send money to friends and family by the touch of a smartphone.

However, sometimes it’s important to be able to talk about money face to face with a real live person.

Montgomery Bank offers both this innovative technology and the friendly, trustworthy service found in a neighborhood community bank.

They focus on making banking easy for their customers by providing virtual banking features with instant access while striving to treat each person they meet like family.

“We are grateful for the privilege to help generations of families navigate their most important financial milestones, from opening a child’s first savings account to buying a home to fulfilling a dream of starting a small business,” said Regional Bank President Jim Limbaugh.

Family owned since 1957 and with 10 branches across Southeast Missouri and St. Louis, Montgomery Bank takes pride in providing the personal, friendly service of a community bank while offering all the conveniences and amenities of a national chain. They believe banking is, was, and always will be a people business.