Letter People Week at Guardian Angel School

The Kindergarten students show off the creative designs that they wore for letter people week at Guardian Angel School in Oran. Pictured are Amelia Kyle (Ahchoo!), Tripp McClard (Dazzling Dance), Aubrey Graviett (Exercise Energy), Jameson Vandergriff (Jingle Jacket), Kinsley Dunivan (Kaboom Kick), and Maverick Seabaugh (Munching Mouth).

School is nearing the end, which means the Kindergarten class had a special week to celebrate the letter people whom they had been studying all year. Each student of the Kindergarten class of Guardian Angel School in Oran, Missouri had a letter person that they were suppose to dress as on Monday, March 28. We had some pretty creative students this year.

Amelia Kyle, with a red nose and kleenex in hand was the letter A, Ahchoo!. Tripp McClard was the letter D, Dazzling Dance, and had a suit coat, black boots and black sombrero with the letter D around it. Aubrey Graviett was the letter E, Exercise Energy, and wore tights, shorts, a headband, and green hair. Jameson Vandergriff was the letter J, Jingle Jacket, and wore jingle bells all over his yellow shirt. Letter K was represented by Kinsley Dunivan, Kaboom Kick, and she wore orange hair and colorful clothes. Maverick Seabaugh was the letter M, Munching Mouth, and he wore orange clothes, purple socks and sprayed his hair green. They were a colorful bunch of kids in Kindergarten class.

On Tuesday, March 29, each of the Kindergarten students, as well as several teachers, brought cakes and cupcakes to school for a cake walk, hosted by the Kindergarten class. Mrs. Cindy Seyer, the Kindergarten teacher, played music as each class and the staff took turns walking on the individual alphabet letters that were taped to the gym floor. When she stopped the music, the walkers stopped on the letter he/she was on and a Kindergarten student drew a letter from a basket. If you were on that letter, you won the cake. Sometimes the drawing took several turns before a winner was found. Many happy people went home with delicious cakes.

The Kindergarten class enjoyed having the 8th graders hang out with them during rest time on Wednesday, March 30. They were also suppose to tour Father Kelly's house in the afternoon, but the weather got stormy. They decided to postpone the tour to another day.

The Kindergarten students take turns pulling out a letter from the basket held by Mrs. Seyer, to find out who won a cake.

On Thursday, March 31, the school bus came after lunch and picked up the letter people to take them back to letter people land. Each Kindergarten student and Mrs. Seyer carried one or two at a time out to the waiting bus and sat the letter people on the bus seats.

The end of the week brought the Kindergarten students to their field trip day. On Friday, April 1, the students and Mrs. Seyer traveled to Creative Ewe Pottery in Cape and had a special painting session.

The Kindergarten class had a very enjoyable week and will soon be on their way to becoming 1st grade students.

The 3rd and 4th graders made their way around the alphabet path in hope of winning a cake.
The Kindergarten students and Mrs. Seyer carry the letter people down the hall to put them on the bus that will take them back to letter people land.
The Kindergarten students and Mrs. Seyer are approaching the bus to send the letter people back to letter people land. They will start returning next Fall, one at a time.