Local film director’s short film premiering at Marcus Cape West Cinema

Lawson Thresher’s short film: Phantom of the Fields

We are excited to announce that Lawson Thresher from East Prairie, Missouri, at just 20 years old, has written and directed his first short film, “Phantom of the Fields”.

His red carpet short film movie premiere of “Phantom of the Fields”, featuring Scott Innes as the voice of the Phantom, will be held April 9th at Marcus Cape West Cinema. The cast will be joining this red carpet premiere including Lawson Thresher (writer and director), Scott Innes (the voice of the Phantom), Tera Eckerle (as Jessi), Skully Shemwell (as Tom), and

Dylan Hankins (as the Phantom).

Scott Innes, who is originally from Poplar Bluff, is a songwriter, author, radio personality, and voice actor for various animated films for Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers, including the voice of Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

Lawson Thresher and Scott Innes

We are excited that this event has SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support! We’ll see you at the movies!!!