Letter to the Editor

Listen to the community

I would like to thank our mayor, city council members, and city management for the bonuses paid to all full-time city employees. You saw a need, an opportunity, and acted in a tangible way to demonstrate how much you appreciate the current employees going above-and-beyond to provide excellent customer service during the city employee shortage. I commend you on your wise decision!

Based on comments shared by our city leaders at public meetings and in the newspaper, it does not appear all of you are on the same page when it comes to the best way to promote economic growth in the city. Before committing funds to Cape Magnet or any other agency, if you have not done so, I encourage all of you to discuss, develop, and adopt a shared vision, budget, and economic growth plan for the city. Committing city funds before completing these prerequisites, is getting the cart-before-the-horse.

One subject you and the community will agree on is it's time to make an aggressive effort to fix our streets. It is highly unlikely additional city employees will be found and hired to initiate an aggressive street repair program in the spring. It's time for you, as our city leaders, to think outside of the box and find another way to fund and implement an aggressive effort to repair our streets in the City of Cape Girardeau. I encourage you to listen to the community; it's time to fix our streets now!

GARY HILL, Cape Girardeau