Catholic Principal's Day

Mrs. Katrina Kluesner gives high fives to the students and teachers lined up in the hallway.

Catholic Principal's Day was celebrated at Guardian Angel School on Thursday, November 18, as well in all the Catholic schools in the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese.  It was a special day for Mrs. Katrina Kluesner, Guardian Angel principal.  Fr. Joseph Kelly prayed for her at church, during the intercessions.  After Mass, once the students & teachers had returned to school and Fr. Kelly came over, everyone lined the hall and wished her a "Happy Catholic Principal's Day".  Mrs. Kluesner went between the lines and gave high fives to each student and teacher.  Father then gave her a special blessing.

In the previous days, Mrs. Teal Mangels had the teachers to take pictures of the students from each classroom and asked each student what they liked about Mrs. Kluesner.  Mrs. Mangels put the pictures and the answers together into a book.  Throughout the day on Thursday, Mrs. Mangels read over the intercom to everyone the answers the children had given.  Mrs. Kluesner was very happy with the surprise.

We are very grateful for having Mrs. Kluesner as our principal at Guardian Angel School.  She is a very dedicated, caring, and prayerful person.  Happy Catholic Principal's Day to her and all the Catholic school principals.

The students rush to Mrs. Kluesner to give her a hug.
Fr. Kelly gives Mrs. Kluesner a blessing for Catholic Principal's Day.
Here is one of the pictures that was included in the book given to Mrs. Kluesner for Catholic Principal's Day. This is the 1st & 2nd grade class.
The 4th & 5th grade class posed for a picture to be included in Mrs. Kluesner's Catholic Principal's Day surprise gift.