Letter to the Editor

South Side Farms next steps

South Side Farms is a wonderful project brought forth by Mr. Wilferth. And thanks to his hard work and faith it has brought much warranted approval. We should however note this project has been marketed as a South Cape need. Everything listed such as health care, day care, police presence, etc. are worthy and past due. However, since South Cape is the banner in which this project is wrapped let us be certain that the citizens of South Cape have seats at the oversight and management tables. After all they already own the table don't they.

South Cape should now be the standard barrier for this movement and lead in decision making and ownership. Look watchfully for some of the Trojan horses who loom so lovingly by. Now is the time to not only seek but demand your voices are to be counted. Read again carefully at all proposals and ask yourselves this question: Will this truly be our South Side Farms or "somebody else's"? God bless and guide you in all things.