Letter to the Editor

Use tax is important

Why do you shop on the internet? I use it to find things that aren't available locally and because it's convenient. My guess is those are your reasons, too. I don't shop the internet to avoid paying taxes. I know that taxes are a necessary evil to run cities, states and countries.

I support Cape Girardeau and want it to continue to be a great place to live, work and raise a family. Voting yes on Nov. 2 will allow the city to collect a 2.75% tax (the same you pay a local retailer) on what you buy on the internet. You're already paying county and state taxes when you shop online. Why wouldn't you want tax dollars to go to your hometown where you drive roads, play in parks and rely on the police and fire departments?

Costs are going up, good employees are hard to recruit and retain, and local businesses aren't generating the sales taxes they used to because of online shopping. This perfect storm is putting Cape in crisis. Things we take for granted such as mowed parks, working street lights and a fully staffed police department are in jeopardy.

I have lots of family who live in big cities, and while they appreciate what those cities offer, all of them think Cape Girardeau is a gem. Cape provides an excellent quality of life. Voting yes on Nov. 2 will help us keep what we have and make it even better.

Mary-Ann Maloney, Cape Girardeau