Letter to the Editor

Calling all Golden Eagles

I have been invited to use this forum to assist in the effort to invite former members of the Golden Eagles Marching Band who performed with our group at Super Bowl V in Miami, Florida, Jan. 17, 1971, to join us at this year's SEMO Homecoming Football Game Oct. 30.

The most difficult challenge has been locating "lady" members, due to the fact the list of band members listed on the program included mostly "maiden" names, making our task difficult.

Our hope is for anyone who might have family or friends who were members at that time to contact me by email (pdnail@yahoo.com). Even those who didn't get word in time to attend the game, we'd still love to connect with you for future events. They may also view our Facebook page (Golden Eagles-Super Bowl 50th Anniversary). Contact me for a list of band members for that year.

Dennis Nail, Kennett, Missouri