Letter to the Editor

A case of personal responsibility

The other day I was in a big box store in this area. I walked down an aisle where a heated conversation between two individuals, one masked (M) and one unmasked (U), was developing. This piqued my curiosity. Acting as if I was interested in something on the display shelf, I moved closer to listen. But not close enough to seem like I was eavesdropping. The two were talking about wearing masks. This isn't an exact transcription but close enough to get the gist of their conversation.:

(M): I wear a mask to protect you, so you must wear a mask to protect me.

(U): Thank you, so much! Since you brought up protecting each other, that's why I carry a gun. I carry it to protect you and me in case deadly force is needed. Do you carry a gun to protect me?

(M): No.

(U): Why not?

(M): Because it's a gun ... I don't want to.

(U): So, you understand the power of choice and personal freedoms.

(M): I don't want a gun because ...

(U): It doesn't matter. If it could protect me, you should do it... right? I carry because my safety is my responsibility. And I don't expect someone else to keep me safe. Can't you hear how hypocritical you sound?

Then the stare down began. After several tense seconds, both turned and walked away.

Personal safety is a personal responsibility. No one's freedoms end where another's fears begin.