Letter to the Editor

Cape school mask decision

My sons attend junior high and Clippard.

One is 12 and vaccinated. One is 9 and unable to be vaccinated.

If local pediatricians, health department and anecdotal evidence from schools already in session point to masking mandates for children, why are the school board and superintendent not listening?

I was very proud of our schools for going all-in on precautions last year and am proud to say that our schools stayed in session all year while most did not.

I could not be more disappointed in the current decision.

Our state led national news for the early Delta outbreak because of lack of vaccination. Our local hospitals are watching sub 40-year-olds intubated. You are willfully putting our poorest families at extreme risk; especially those with single caregivers. My family has the means to own masks, stay distanced, allow a select few to be in contact with our children away from school and miss work if/when ill. The absolute majority of your students' families cannot.

Please reconsider this decision and change course.