Letter to the Editor

Oh, deer

The deer invasion is getting worse at our house.

My wife hung bars of soap among the flowers and bushes in the yard because she heard that would keep the deer away. We had tried the stinky deer repellent stuff, but it was more disgusting than the inside of an over ripe porta-pottie. (It did stop the neighbor's cat and dog from messing in our yard for a while.) Anyway, we hoped the soap was the answer.

Well, the deer kept eating the hibiscus, day-lilies, roses, etc, and even took a few nibbles from the soap. The next evening we heard grunting and giggling coming from the creek behind our house. Several deer were sudsing and splashing and having a good time.

We called the city and the Department of Conservation in hopes someone would help, but they were all on a wild-goose-chase at Capaha Park. (Why couldn't they chase the deer away and leave the poor geese alone.)

The next day during an intense thunderstorm a couple of deer ambled onto our back porch to avoid the rain. More gathered as the rain intensified, and eventually one started tapping lightly on the back door. We ignored him.

By bedtime I had about forgotten about the deer eating our flowers, bathing in the creek, and gathering on the porch. However, when I turned on the light in the bedroom, I saw some antlers sticking out from under the covers.

GARY L. GAINES, Cape Girardeau