The Level of Care: What Makes Jackson Manor Different

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Saturday, July 10, 2021 ~ Updated 3:51 PM

Emily Schmitt assists of the residents at Jackson Manor.

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic when many nursing homes did not allow visitors into residential facilities in order to protect residents from the virus, admissions director Charlene Foeste says the family-like atmosphere of Jackson Manor in Jackson helped guide residents through the difficult time.

At Jackson Manor, nurses and care providers interact closely with residents, forming bonds that carry through the years.

“We have the luxury of having employees who have been here for a long time, so they’ve seen generations pass through our doors,” she said. “We’re a family here.”

That close-knit atmosphere has been built through the facility’s decades-long history, Foeste says, as many employees have spent years caring for the individuals at Jackson Manor.

That’s what makes Jackson Manor different from other nursing homes: they ensure that even when loved ones aren’t able to visit — such as during the COVID-19 lockdown — every resident feels safe and surrounded by a caring community.

Beyond feeling safe, employees ensure the residents’ health, as well. For most of the COVID-19 pandemic until early 2021, not a single resident contracted COVID-19. Employees were tested twice a week and later once a week to ensure they would not transmit the virus to residents.

Rooms are available for individuals seeking either short-term stays or “forever homes,” Foeste says. Jackson Manor features a 90-bed facility, which includes amenities such as a gym, beauty parlor/barbershop, patio area, and in-house physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Community activities help keep residents engaged, Foeste says. Jackson Manor plans regular fishing trips, guides residents in meditation exercises, facilitates residents’ religious observances and helps them to participate in family dinners.

Walking down the halls of their Jackson location, the care is present in the woodwork: residents’ doors are decorated with mailboxes, window shutters and similar facets to maintain that sense of individuality. Memory Care Program Director Lindsey Clifton, R.N., says they strive to provide an experience similar to living in a neighborhood, as each person maintains their sense of home.

St. Louis resident Mike Gohn’s mother, Marie Gohn, has resided at Jackson Manor for the past 10 years. During Marie’s time at Jackson Manor, Mike says his mother enjoys many of the facility’s group activities. She fell in love with Wii Bowling, later asking for her own Wii Bowling set for her room so she could practice.

Mike, a Jackson native, says it’s a priority he found a place that could care for his mother close to her home. In addition, he says she loves the food, which can often be a common complaint rather than a sense of joy among nursing home residents, Gohn says. Marie enjoys the mashed potatoes and sweets they serve, he says.

Employees at Jackson Manor make all the difference, Mike says.

“When I came down to visit, they treated me like one of their own, and they treat my mom that way, too,” Mike says.

The facility supports physical, emotional and mental needs of residents through individualized care.

Jackson Manor’s new Memory Care Neighborhood provides specialized treatment specifically for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. As Clifton explains, these conditions can be affected by levels of outside sensory stimulation. Low- and high-sensory rooms help to provide calm or stimulation for patients.

The genuinely caring staff, family-like atmosphere and amenities at Jackson Manor contribute to the warm, caring environment.

“I do think it sets us apart,” Foeste says. “You can’t beat the care here.”