Premier Physical Therapy gets patients out of pain and back their lives

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Premier Physical Therapy provides orthopedic, spine and hand therapy with a proven 5-Star Plan for pain.

Are you living life with pain or limitation?

Premier Physical Therapy provides orthopedic, spine and hand therapy. Dennis Riney, founder and CEO, said they’re the only physical therapy provider in the area that has a proven 5-Star Plan for pain.

Premier Physical Therapy can play an important role in eliminating pain from various causes by restoring function in joint movement or improving the ability to walk. It can help those experiencing back pain, joint or hand pain as well as those looking to return to sports or work. Additionally, physical therapy can help those recovering from surgery or getting ready to have surgery.

The type of physical therapy provided by Riney and his team consists of specific hands-on techniques to decrease pain and restore movement. Functional, evidence-based exercises can also restore movement and strength. From patient education and home programs to nutrition and sleep suggestions, Premier Physical Therapy's goal is for their patients feel and live better, enjoying a pain-free life without limitations.

Riney summarizes his practice in three short words: Faith. Family. Work.

“At Premier, my main goal is to glorify God and serve Him by serving others,” Riney states. “Our faith drives us — we choose faith over fear, and we want to be the light to those around us.”

Premier Physical Therapy believes in promoting these beliefs, values and standards of their faith and profession both inside and outside of the office. Between sharing the importance of leading a faith-inspired business with other business leaders, to implementing Biblical principles into his practice, Riney believes we as people are called to be good stewards; in the end, business is another way to serve one another and God.

When it comes to his team, Riney believes in hiring and training the best, and not compromising the integrity of the practice. At the end of the day, he says it all comes down to God and the patients.

“At Premier, we’re family. We have personal relationships with patients both past and present that we have served. We are their guide, and they’re the hero. We listen to them. We serve them,” Riney said. “We know pain, and limited function is the reason they come to us. We have personalized plans to help them feel better and be the best they can be.”

Premier Physical Therapy has been serving Southeast Missouri for almost 15 years, with locations in Cape Girardeau, Jackson and Advance.

For more information about Premier Physical Therapy or to schedule an appointment, call (573) 335-7868 or visit