CPU offers 3 benefits when switching phone systems to help your growing or changing business

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Monday, July 26, 2021 ~ Updated 1:54 PM

Business office and communication network concept.

The way we work has drastically changed from how we did business pre-pandemic. If you’re finding the phone system your business utilized before the advent of COVID-19 doesn’t fit your business’ work style as well as it once did, or if your business is growing and simply needs a new phone system solution beyond utilizing personal lines, it might be time to transition to a business phone system.

A business phone system can aid your company in projecting a professional image, help your employees maintain a healthy work/life balance and ensure you retain clients’ proprietary data if an employee leaves your business. At CPU, we can help you transition to the 3CX phone system, where you have the ability to choose: from your phone numbers, to utilizing on-premise or Cloud systems, to your Cloud provider and more, you get to control how you set up your phones in a way that best fits the needs of your company.

With 250,000 installations and 10,000 partners worldwide, here are a few reasons corporations like Wilson Sporting Goods, American Express, Subaru of America and more are already utilizing 3CX phone system:

Benefit #1: Utilize a phone system that’s as mobile as your employees.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we don’t need to be at the office to work anymore. With many businesses permanently transitioning to hybrid work environments in which employees work both in the office and from a variety of other settings, your business needs a phone system solution that can be accessed from anywhere and doesn’t tie your employees to a desk phone. With modern Android and iOS apps, a Web/Windows/Mac communication app, and corporate chat and browser-based video conferencing features for all users, the 3CX phone system allows your employees to have the same access to their phones and the information stored in them while they work from the office, their home or another city.

Benefit #2: Streamline phone costs.

Starting with a licensing price of $2 per user per month, the 3CX phone system has the potential to save your business up to 80% in phone costs per year. In addition, employees who are on the road or at home make calls for free, and you can utilize free, unlimited extensions with no limit to the number of employees who can use the system. Choose your own SIP trunk and leverage low-cost SIP trunk pricing.

Benefit #3: Stop worrying about managing the phones.

3CX phone system upgrade and update automatically so you don’t have to endlessly hit “remind me tomorrow” for updates that will never get done. With the ability to deploy in cloud with PBX Express on Google, Amazon and Azure, it’s easy to add and organize extensions, and advanced customer service features such as call queues, website live chat and advanced call reporting are available. With phone configuration and firmwares tested by 3CX, you can rest assured your calls are in good hands.

In addition to CPU’s local support, when you make the switch to 3CX Phone Systems, you’ll have access to help from 3CX 24 hours a day, five days a week from locations at their 10 offices around the world. If you want more information or are ready to make your phone system more efficient, call CPU at (573) 334-2420 to learn more about how the 3CX phone system can help your business and employees move into a post-pandemic way of working.