5 Tips for Joint Health During Long Car Rides

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Recently, I read an article stating more people are taking long car rides instead of flying for post-COVID-19 vacations. Long car rides can put serious stress on your joints and spine. There’s nothing worse than going on vacation, taking a long car ride to get there, and then once you do, realizing you’re not able to enjoy it because you are in pain from the car ride.

Here are a few tips for avoiding this pain, so you can enjoy your travels to the fullest:

1. Drink plenty of water.

Most people avoid this because they don’t want to have to stop, but not drinking water dehydrates you. Your spine and joints need fluids to work properly, so keep them lubricated.

2. Stop frequently to stretch and move around.

Immobility in the spine and joints also leads to dehydration inside the spine and joints, so it is important to stretch on a regular basis. Mobility means hydration, which means healing.

3. Snack on fruits/vegetables.

Nutrition is just as important on long trips as anything else. Snacking on high-calorie, processed foods will cause inflammation and swelling, which will increase joint and spine tension.

4. Heat.

Bring heat packs with you to reduce muscle tension, and use them on the muscles and joints that are causing you pain.

5. Lumbar support.

Most of the time, the lumbar support provided by your car seat is not enough. Bring a towel and roll it up, placing it behind your low back to support your spine.

More time in the car means more stress on your spine and joints. Follow these simple tips to enjoy the trip more.