A tribute to grandma: Grandmillennial style

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

In a world where there’s always something new on the market, whether the latest iPhone or a new clothing trend, there is a corner of the consumer market that seems to have taken a step back: home buying, design and décor.

Over the past few years, the Grandmillennial Style has taken over in regards to how people are living inside their homes. From purchasing older properties to make their own, to repurposing items found at Grandma’s or antique shops, this style has an affinity for design trends typically considered “stuffy” or “outdated.” We’re seeing individuals lacquering, painting, sanding and staining old furniture to put their own twist on them for their personal spaces.

There are many reasons we believe that this style is becoming so popular. For many people, this is a fresh take on things they’ve known from their childhood. They may showcase items in their homes that hold sentimental value, or find a unique piece of furniture that reminds them of their grandmother’s house. For others, the grandmillennial style may be about the individuality that it offers.

Unlike most trends, this style lends itself to some of the most unique pieces. If you walk through your local antique store it’s almost guaranteed you will not find two of the same items. The variety within the grandmillennial style allows individuals to show their personality through their homes by utilizing pieces that speak directly to them.

Most of all, we see that this new wave of style has a direct correlation with the need to simply slow down. Entertaining is a major aspect of grandmillenial life – people are wanting to get off their phones, put down work and just sit with friends and family, host gatherings and just be present.

We’re seeing an influx of people moving away from the city and back to rural areas — opting for older home rather than new constructions — and creating a space that truly captures their definition of “home.”

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