Letter to the Editor

Missouri legislature is misguided

Missouri lawmakers have embarked on a dangerous course. They have threatened to nullify federal firearms laws, a move that would be patently unconstitutional and a stunt that could cost Missouri taxpayers dearly. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States (Article VI, Clause 2), establishes that the Constitution, and federal laws made pursuant to it, constitute the "supreme Law of the Land." The courts resolve issues arising from conflicting laws, not the state legislature.

More ominously, the Missouri General assembly has refused to honor a vote of the people to expand Medicare, thwarted efforts by Missourians to build fairness into redistricting, threatened to restrict voter access following false claims of a stolen election, and recently embarked on a reckless campaign to make it more difficult for citizens to offer changes to their own constitution.

Missouri lawmakers are defiant of federal law, indifferent to the will of the people, seemingly oblivious to the intent of our constitution, seek to pick and choose who can and can't vote, and endeavor to stack the deck in favor of one party through gerrymandering.

There are words to describe this kind of governance, none of them flattering. Citizens of this state are left with few options for redressing grievances, promoting change, or even participating in our democracy. Missouri lawmakers would be wise to study the history and fate of governments that have chosen such a path, including the one our founding fathers declared independence from.