Devil Dogs honor local engraver

SEMO Devil Dogs, Pound 330, Missouri Pack, Military Order of the Devil Dogs. L-R: Honorable 58th Past Chief Devil Dog PCDD Leonard Spicer, Sir Mad Dog PDD David Loyd, Mr. Tuschhoff, Sir Pound Keeper PDD Mike Francis, Sir Dog Robber PDD Steve Seyller, Sir Smart Dog DD Matt McGill.

On APR 24 2021, Pound 330 of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Daniel Tuschhoff of Harold's Jewelry Store in Jackson, Missouri. Mr. Tuschhoff has engraved the dog tags, of all our members, for 20 years. Each Devil Dog has a dog tag that is engraved with their unique membership number. Thank you Mr. Tuschhoff for your outstanding work over the years.