Out of the past: April 26


The Southeast Hospital Association honored volunteers and longtime trustees for outstanding service to the hospital last night; receiving the Special Service Award were volunteers Traci Taylor, a Cape Girardeau Central Junior High School student who established the Toy Train in the hospital's pediatrics department, and Wenona Harrison, a longtime member of the hospital auxiliary; Harrison donates flowers from her garden to make arrangements that are sold at the auxiliary's gift shop.

Carrie Suedekum, a charter member and past president of the Saint Francis Medical Center Auxiliary, was named recipient of the Vernice Baumstark Award for outstanding service to the organization and the hospital yesterday; auxiliary president Fran Rediger also presented the hospital with a $39,000 contribution representing proceeds from gift shop sales and other fund-raising activities; part of the donation, along with funds to be raised next year, will be used to help establish a new gift shop at the hospital.


It is announced Riverside Regional Library at Jackson will avail itself of free auditing services offered by the county, becoming the second such agency to take advantage of the offer; Byrd Special Road District has also agreed to use County Auditor H. Weldon Macke to audit its books.

Edward L. Downs, Cape Girardeau County Democratic chairman, says he has written Gov. Warren E. Hearnes suggesting the appointment of a magistrate to succeed the late Roland G. Busch be held in abeyance pending bills now before the General Assembly; one bill would increase the pay of magistrates from $12,600 a year to $16,600; the other bill provides the increase be paid out of the increased filing fees for litigation in magistrate and probate courts.


Fourteen locations, steeped in the history of early Cape Girardeau, have been suggested by Professor E.A. Collins of State College for marking in the current campaign to recognize the city's historical points; among the locations he suggests are Indian Park, the first Protestant church near Themis and Lorimier streets, the St. Charles Hotel as Gen. Grant's headquarters and Forts A, B. C and D.

Two airplanes are virtually demolished and two others damaged at noon when one of the ships, a PT-23 (Fairchild) Army type primary trainer, piloted by F.W. Ryan of San Diego crashes at take-off into a line of planes parked on the east side of the north-south runway at Harris Field; Ryan, who recently purchased several planes at the field, is uninjured and climbs unaided from the wreckage.


Summer term at the Teachers College begins with half-hour classes, allowing instructors to arrange enrollment and assignments for tomorrow, when studies will commence; Leming and Albert halls, college dormitories, are expected to be filled to overflowing during the summer term, which lasts through Aug. 15.

Total number of contestants in the High School Field Meet of Southeast Missouri, to be held in Cape Girardeau on May 6 and 7, is 647, or more than twice the total number of entries for any previous years; the extra large number is probably because of the new contest begun this year, including news writing, orchestra and quartet.

-- Sharon K. Sanders