Busch Pet Products moving to new location in LaCroix Village

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Thursday, May 27, 2021 ~ Updated 3:43 PM

Stacy Busch-Heisserer launched the Busch Pet Products online store in 2008. In 2010, she opened a space on Broadview in Cape Girardeau, and for the last 10 years the store has operated at its Kingsway location.

This spring, the store will move to a new and larger location in La Croix Village located next to Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp.

“At the new location, I look forward to having more space for our customers (and their pets) to shop comfortably, and to bring in even more variety of hand-picked products,” Busch-Heisserer said. “We’ll also be upgrading our self-service dog wash from three to five tubs, and we now have a separate room for nail trimming.”

Since its opening 13 years ago, Busch Pet Products has gone from carrying only “cutesy pet accessories” to adding multiple top-notch, quality pet nutrition lines.

A certified dog and cat nutritionist, Busch-Heisserer handpicks some of the best available products for her customers.

“I am upfront with my customers that while I am trying to sell them a product, it is something that I would use myself or it would not be in my store,” she said. “I don’t sell anything I don’t believe in.”