Letter to the Editor

TC fundraiser a success

Thank you for covering the Lemon Drop Long Drive. I wanted to pass along a message to say thank you to the community for supporting this event and the cause behind it.

Being a TC Survivor it was easy to jump on board when it was "just an idea." Several months of hard work and dedication to something we hoped would raise $2,500 turned into something much bigger. Our focus was raising awareness for boys and men for early detection of TC. We thought raising funds to support patients and their families would also be helpful. We never dreamt both hospitals and 15 other sponsors would become involved.

The night of the event was a memorable one. The 12-18 hour days in preparation well paid off. We sincerely appreciate all who volunteered time, donated resources and monetary contributions to making it a success.

We are humbled. Hearts are filled to the brim with the support from people and businesses in Southeast Missouri. Together we raised over $13,000 but we hope the impact was much larger. It was for us.

NATE GAUTIER, Walks With Nate, managing member, Jackson