Spruce it up this spring to maximize your property’s value

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Home maintenance is one of the top things buyers take into consideration when purchasing a home.

If you’re putting your home on the market, follow these spring-cleaning tips to spruce up your home — and reap the benefits later.

1. Clear gutters and roof. During the fall and winter months, leaves tend to land in these areas. Leaves on the roof can cause sagging, and overflowing gutters can damage your foundation and lead to drainage issues. This causes water to spill out of gutters and seep into unwanted areas of your home. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out this spring to avoid unwanted water damage and a decrease in home value.

2. Tidy up landscaping and walkways. A buyer’s first impression comes from the exterior of the home. Making sure your home looks inviting will impact the buyer’s attitude as they view your property. Removing dead tree limbs, raking leaves, and cleaning out flower beds is an easy way to deliver a strong first impression to potential buyers.

3. Service HVAC and check for radon gas. Servicing your heating system is important when listing your home. Go the extra mile by having your ductwork and filters cleaned, and vacuum your baseboard vents (if you have them). Additionally, have your home tested for radon gas. This potentially harmful gas cannot be detected by the basic senses, so testing before you list your home on the market will provide potential buyers peace of mind.

4. Keep unwanted guests at bay. Unwanted critters, both inside and outside, is a sure way to deter potential buyers. Have your home inspected for termites and address any infestations. Make sure to avoid other unwelcome guests, such as raccoons and squirrels, by taking care of any holes outside, and cover your stove and dryer vents with a wire mesh.

Once you’ve done your spring cleaning, you can sit back and relax as your Realtor gets to work. Well-maintained homes don’t stay on the market long, and you’ll soon see your hard work pay off!