Faith, family and values: New generation continues Dreyer Electric legacy of service, excellence

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021 ~ Updated 7:46 PM

Edgar Dreyer Brian Dreyer Garrett Behrle

In 1970, Edgar Dreyer started Dreyer Electric with a $1,000 bank loan, an old Ford pick-up truck and a prayer.

Having worked for his father-in-law in the electrical trade, Dreyer knew plenty about the business. He began connecting with local farmers and working long hours. During that time, start up business was slow, but people always paid their bills. Every day was different, but his faith in God kept him going. Dreyer Electric has been growing strong for 50 years.

Since then, Dreyer Electric has moved from Edgar’s garage in Frohna, Missouri to its permanent location just down the road. According to Dreyer, the plan has always been “to tell the truth and treat customers right; to be honest in business dealings and be fair to everyone.”

It was also important for him to raise great leaders and teach the next generation.

His dreams came true in 1978, when his son, Brian, began working for the family business as a full-time employee. Together, they worked through the mid-’80s where everything was manual.

Life changed and so did business. Over the years, better tools and equipment led to work efficiency and safety. The cordless drill was a game-changer. And they were able to grow.

Currently, Dreyer Electric is 12 employees strong and three generations deep. In 2020, Brian’s daughter and son-in-law, Shannon and Garrett Behrle, took over the family electrical business, but both Edgar and Brian keep showing up to cheer them on. The men realize that being able to pass on the business to the second and third generation is a blessing. And they’re proud of the work they’ve done.

“We put our heart and soul into our work,” Brian said.

“And we do a lot of praying,” added Edgar,

In today’s world, it’s their faith, family and values that have set them apart and driven their success.

And their company success includes everything from changing a home light switch to wiring the Drury Plaza Hotel. As part of the Independent Electrical Contractors Group, Dreyer Electric can service any size job their customers need. They’ve wired restaurants, schools, churches, homes and businesses all over Southeast Missouri. They take pride and care in making sure the job is done correctly the first time. Both professionally and personally, it’s important for their customers to be satisfied with the work they’ve done and to have a positive experience.

“We are not always going to be the cheapest, but we will always get the job done right and complete,” said Behrle.

As for the future, Dreyer Electric is aware of the changes in technology and are planning to keep up with the latest trends. A new, “more green” approach to electricity is already happening across the country. Lighting controls, occupancy sensors, and LED lighting are evolving. “Daylight Harvesting” will automatically dim lights during times of daylight. Behrle believes it will be part of this ever-evolving industry.

LED lighting, Bluetooth controls and electric cars have all become more popular in the last few years, and as these trends continue to make a wave across the nation, electrical work will be needed. Every building needs power. The bigger the project, the more electrical equipment. With a wide variety of tasks and service work, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Fortunately, their employees are skilled at figuring out challenges, and with a strong team Dreyer Electric is ready for all of it.

It’s easy to take electricity for granted, until you don’t have it. And that’s why Dreyer Electric is responsive, in-person, and “in business to serve you.” A family-owned company that loves their employees, their customers and their community. They’ve been faithful for 50 years, and in the hands of the next generation they plan to be faithful for at least 50 more.