Letter to the Editor

Finding our moral compass

If flames are shooting up from a house, and the owner says, "The house is not on fire," then he is clearly delusional. The extent of denial we see in Trumpist lawmakers about their 'house on fire' is of psychotic proportion. They keep calling for unity, but are unwilling to shed the "Stop the Steal" delusion they share with Trump. They resemble a deluded diabetic patient who looks at his gangrenous legs and says, "That is no big deal, doctor. When can I go home?"

Even before Trump lost the election, feebleminded and cowardly Trumpists such as Green, Graham, Hawley, Smith, Cruz, McCarthy as well as millions of ignorant people bought his "Stop the Steal" delusion. When 62 impartial and honest judges refused to buy it, Trump launched a coup. Just as I warned earlier, on Jan. 6, 2021, he let loose his deluded and frothy-mouthed hooligans on Capitol building. They came close to hanging Vice President Pence and murdering Speaker Pelosi, among others.

Do we want to keep electing cowardly and delusional candidates with neither integrity nor allegiance to the Constitution? Doesn't that reflect that our decision is based on our prejudices, hatred for "others" and greed, and not on what is good for all Americans? Unless we find our moral compass and tread on the path of goodness, our society will surely disintegrate. Being a good Christian is much more than listening to a sermon on Sunday morning; it is to know how to distinguish good from evil.

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau