Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Cape Public Schools

As we are learning how stagnated the education has become in other parts of the country due to continued lockdowns and no in-person learning, I want to thank the Cape Girardeau Public School District for all it has done -- and continues to do -- to help our kids learn, compete and thrive.

This past year has been one of unprecedented challenges, but the staff, teachers, coaches, school board and administration have shown a diligent focus on doing whatever it takes to keep our doors open, our students learning, our athletes moving, our artists creating, and our families fed. The list could go on and on, and I'm sure none of this has come without a high cost in stress, exhaustion and energy in having to learn completely new ways to teach and reach our kids.

I hope this letter serves as an encouragement from not only a grateful public school parent but also a grateful community. Cape is doing well because so many are working so hard to make sure our kids are doing well!

STACY KINDER, Cape Girardeau