Letter to the Editor

The Trumpist lawmakers

On Jan. 6, egged on by Trump, his son and his dimwitted minions, thousands of right-wing thugs stormed the Capitol building, ransacked offices, destroyed property and desecrated monuments. Five people died, three from natural causes.

Among those who encouraged the rioters was Josh Hawley, Missouri's senator, whose iconic photo of raised fisted arm was flashed across the nation. His haughtiness and self-righteousness were writ largely on his hostile countenance. It was clear to all that his presidential ambition motivated him to be one of two ring leaders of objectors during electoral vote count. Luckily for Missouri, Senator Blunt jumped off the Trump bandwagon just as it was about to go over the cliff.

Not only Trump-supporting hoodlums, but also Trump, his arrogant son and his delusional minions who provoked the mindless mob, should be prosecuted for sedition. As the riot raged, it was Mike Pence who finally called the National Guard.

Some years ago, I wrote in this newspaper how parents of a notorious criminal woke up to the reality only after he committed murder. When he was committing one serious crime after another, they kept denying that he was a criminal. This is exactly the situation with Trump. Trumpist lawmakers knew all along his 40-year-long history of criminal behavior. Yet, they kept denying and supporting him because they saw him as a useful idiot. The whole nation has paid a heavy price for their complicity in this tragedy. Josh Hawley, you have blood on your hands. Resign.

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau