Letter to the Editor

Community college process

This is in reference to the article "Cape Council OKs 13th community college survey proposal first reading."

I am seeking to provide information that may answer some of the concerns mentioned in the article and by those offering comments.

Accreditation is addressed by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development. Their site is dhewd.mo.gov. Within that site you will find that the proposal for the 13th Community College District is prepared to meet various guidelines and requirements for the State of Missouri. It is far too cumbersome to try and quote here. Suffice it to say Rich Payne, with help from the committee, is meeting these requirements.

If it could be done as easily as some have suggested, the committee would definitely have pursued that path. We are pursuing the best possible solution for technical education for the area. The fine points of planning will come after approval by the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development and voters. In addition, voters must vote for a board of trustees to hire staff.

Paul Nenninger, committee member, Committee for Affordable Technical Education, Cape Girardeau