Letter to the Editor

Bus route from St. Louis to SEMO

Years and years ago, Greyhound had a good route going along I-55 and one going along U.S. 61. Ending of bus service was a stupid thing to do. Greyhound had two good drop-off/pick-up locations in Cape Girardeau where the Greyhound bus passengers could make a connection to the Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority bus service.

I wrote Burlington Trailways. The good news is that Burlington Trailways liked my ideas for new routes, and they thought that during the pandemic that they would contact other bus companies to create these "commuter" lines. We know that Southeast Missouri also covers Ste. Genevieve.

The line would start out in Kirkwood, which is a suburb of St. Louis County, and it would go partially the way people from St. Louis used to go to Cape which was via U.S. 61. It would use 61 mostly from Kirkwood to Festus and then it would join I-55 in Festus, stopping in Ste. Genevieve. But then the line would terminate in downtown Scott City. I do hope we can get some sort of over-the-road commuter bus operation running both ways all day. It would be good for people working in hospitals and would be good for people visiting the Cape Girardeau region.