Letter to the Editor

Defend Constitution, not president

I almost feel sorry for David Limbaugh as Biden's victory has to have hurt his recent book sales. I do believe the real danger to democracy comes not from Democrats but from Trump's cult followers who buy whatever he is selling.

If we are going to put a symbol on the GOP, then it should be changed from an elephant to blind sheep. Throughout the days following the election, those sheep and their leader have engaged in false and absurd attacks on the votes of we citizens. What proof -- every entity who has examined the election, from the Federal Election Commission, to Trump's cyber security chief to his attorney general say this was the most secure election or they saw no evidence of voter fraud. What further supports this is Trump's success in the courts -- they have effectively lost every case -- and when they lose, they put the blame on the court -- as was done to our U.S. Supreme Court.

Proof of the sheep is David's unfounded comment on Biden's mental stability -- with no proof. If any president has proven to be unstable, it is the current resident of the White House.

The Republicans who continue to blindly follow and fight for Trump forget they took an oath to defend the Constitution, not the president.

Finally, there is no doubt that Trump is a racist -- from his remarks about the Klan demonstrators and the Neo-Nazis; to their attempts to limit voting by minorities with attempts to place new restrictions to prevent their votes.

MICHAEL H. MAGUIRE, Cape Girardeau