Letter to the Editor

Election fraud in America

A slow-motion coup is being perpetrated on America. It started months before the 2020 presidential election. The left has been carefully preparing us for it. It is fueled by viscous hate for our president.

The left said it might look like President Trump was winning, but when all the votes are finally counted, Joe Biden (who couldn't draw 12 people to a rally), would actually be the winner. By midnight President Trump was winning in a landslide.

Counting inexplicably stopped in battleground states. When counting resumed, those states had magically swung to Biden. Old-fashioned fraud was widespread as many sworn affidavits now show, but a new, much bigger and slicker kind of cheating was needed to beat Trump. Computers apparently were programmed to manipulate hundreds of thousands of ballots from one candidate to the other with Smartmatic software from Venezuela. Software like Chavez employed to win his elections.

Now many local TV stations/media are obviously reading from the same script: No, there's no evidence of election fraud. Trump still refuses to concede. Nothing to see here.

It's a news blackout. Social media is deplatforming conservative influencers; mainstream media is delegitimizing the issue; Twitter censors tweets; YouTube hints that electoral fraud is extremely rare. Wink, wink.

Yes, I've tested positive for conservatism. Mr. Trump is standing alone between massive corruption and America. If the left succeeds with their plan, our freedoms and our constitutional republic will be gone.

I wonder, what kind of Americans would wish for that?