Letter to the Editor

Limbaugh drinks the Kool-Aid

David Limbaugh's latest apology for the president boggles the mind. Repeatedly referring to him as a patriot -- who dodged the draft with rich man deferments; who called our soldiers suckers or losers; who put down Gold Star families, and who has done nothing when our intelligence community has credible evidence of the Soviets putting bounties on our troops. Trump is like the emperor with no clothes -- and when anyone tries to tell him something he does not believe, he gets rid of them.

David has bought the unsupportable idea that Trump is not racist -- from someone who said neonazis and KKK members were good people, when counterdemonstrating against civil rights activists. Even more, David has assumed the position of most prominent Republicans of never standing up to the president when he is wrong. How? We know by the president's own words that he lied about the covid virus, and instead of telling the truth of how serious it was, he downplayed it, which undoubtedly led to many not taking it as seriously as they should, leading to unnecessary deaths. Where are his words condemning such actions?

For David to take up Trump's unfounded character assassination of Biden, claiming instability with no proof is despicable. I would bet on Biden's character, twice tested in deep personal losses, than with the unstable president we have. A true patriot will see Trump for what he is and say no.

Michael H. Maguire, Cape Girardeau