Letter to the Editor

Here we go again

We are once again facing a presidential election with less than ideal candidates. Donald Trump is flawed beyond repair, and Joe Biden peaked in the last century. The voters in the party primaries gave us these candidates, so we must pick between the two.

Actually, the VP candidates better reflect their parties. Mike Pence is a conservative, measured, white male. Kamala Harris is a liberal, lively, women of mixed race. Where Mike is as deliberate and disciplined as a sunset, Kamala always seems excited and full of energy. Both seem to be smart and capable of stepping up if needed.

When Trump beat Hillary in 2016 it was a shock, because it went against the polls. Again, the polls show Trump trailing, but a repeat of 2016 seems unlikely. This time the country is full of unrest, uncertainty and fear, and generally such sentiment doesn't favor the incumbent. I think the polls will tighten before the election, but still too many things are working against the president.

We know Donald Trump is his own worse enemy, with his continual undisciplined comments. And most national media outlets criticize him constantly, some of which he deserves. And of course the democrats seem to really hate him, except for Nancy Pelosi, who said she is religious and doesn't hate anyone.

Well, I'm not too religious, but in view of these candidates and the unrest in our country, I have to say: God help us!

Gary L. Gaines, Cape Girardeau