Letter to the Editor

Disappointed over cartoon

Editor's note: Because of a political cartoon in the Sunday, Aug. 16, newspaper, the Southeast Missourian has been the recipient of a wave of social media messages, emails and threats. Today, two guest letters criticize the cartoon. To read a statement from newspaper management, click here.

I am disappointed, and frankly, disgusted, that you and your editorial board would choose to publish the Ramirez cartoon depicting MLK Jr. scolding protesters along with ridiculing the idea of reparations. It totally dishonors the civil rights icon and blatantly sends a racist message, "Stay in your place, or you will disappoint MLK." What fictional nonsense. Plus, you give it a very noticeable middle of the page placement separate from all the other ridiculous editorial cartoons in the Aug. 14 edition. Of course, placing it right above David Limbaugh's histrionic-laden column that demonizes the Democratic party (week after week) just adds to the inappropriateness of the content of both.

Are these the ideas that your family, advertisers, and readers want to espouse? What kind of message do you want to send to the persons of color in the community? I am a long-time subscriber, and I would like to see a published apology for promoting this editorial cartoon and the inappropriate racist message it sends. In addition, I would like your editorial board to take a long hard look at what your newspaper stands for. More than ever, we need racial unity in our communities, not an editorial message that can fan the flames of racism.

You have indicated that your newspaper is struggling financially in these challenging times. If I do not see a published retraction of this editorial in the near future, I will NOT renew my subscription.

Christine Warren, Jackson