Letter to the Editor

Trump executive orders

I am writing this letter on Aug 9. As of this date the United States has had 161,921 people die from COVID-19. This is almost double the 86,782 the country suffered as combat deaths in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and both wars in Iraq. Along with this sad statistic, the United States has seen its medical system stretched to the limit by the more than 5 million cases of COVID-19.

Secondary to this problem the country is experiencing a major recession. Since April we have averaged an unemployment rate slightly over 12%. This is the highest rate since the Great Depression which lasted into the early 1940s.

The executive orders issued by Trump on Aug. 8 have a number of problems. They may violate the separation of powers and if so, he does not have the authority to take these actions. The states are required to pay 25% of the continued unemployment benefits provided by these orders. They may not have the resources to do this. Moreover, the executive order takes money from the Federal Emergency Management Administration to pay for the federal share of these extended benefits just as the hurricane season has started. And the order addressing evictions is only a policy statement.

Rather than addressing these situations head on, Trump, who claims to be a consummate deal maker, did not speak directly with the leaders of the Democratic Party. Instead he depended on Secretary Mnuchin and Chief of Staff Meadows to do his work for him. This calls into question his self confidence, work ethic and courage.

Therefore, Trump must not be re-elected.

JOHN R. PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau