Letter to the Editor

Support for Amendment 2

With elections mere days away, I feel compelled to take a stand on Amendment 2, Medicaid Expansion.

As a young mother of two, I was once in the position of having no insurance coverage for myself. My husband and I made just enough combined income to be over the line of coverage for Medicaid, and neither of our jobs offered insurance. We were lucky to have our children covered, but God forbid something happen to one of us. We feared illness then, as we fear Covid-19 now.

The proposed amendment will allow for medical assistance for hardworking adults who don't otherwise have access to insurance coverage. We need this peace of mind in Missouri, especially now during this increasingly dangerous pandemic. If Missourians have fewer medical expenses to worry about, they will be more likely to use their money to boost the economy. Everyone wins. Vote an enthusiastic "Yes!" on 2. Save lives. Save Missourians.