Letter to the Editor

Support life; 'No' on Amendment 2

After reading articles/letters from Missouri Catholic Conference of Bishops regarding Ballot Initiative (2020-63) to Expand Medicaid, I feel I must respond. I do understand to a degree where they are coming from on encouraging "Yes" votes on this ballot issue in looking out for the poor, underinsured, etc. I get that! BUT we must look deeper!

The issues supposedly being addressed in this ballot initiative should not be tied as amendments to our state Constitution! There are many other means whereby these issues can be addressed.

Secondly, Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee indicates (information online) clearly and adamantly that NARAL and Planned Parenthood are rabidly in favor of this ballot proposal, and that IS clearly defined in PP Ballot issues report. Do you smell something very stinking inside this Amendment? We know what we fight against in these organizations! Our governor, and many working in the pro-life trenches, clearly indicate this amendment will open the door for increased abortions, paid for with our tax dollars!

With all that is facing us this election year, we must first of all pray for Divine guidance and inspiration to vote for who best can save our Republic, but most of all remember and be aware of how your vote upholds the sanctity and protection of all life! Unless someone can convince me otherwise, it is in the best interest of all life to vote "No" on Amendment 2 to expand Medicaid.