Letter to the Editor


I'm an American patriot, Army Veteran, lifelong taxpayer, and white male, but I have to admit, our country has been flawed from the beginning. It was founded with a tolerance for racism, and some remains. We've attempted to make amends with the Emancipation Proclamation, laws calling for equality and civil rights, and resources to help level the playing field, but racism remains. Government hasn't eliminated it. And neither has religion.

The brutal killing of George Floyd was a flashpoint that touched the hearts of most of us. We saw the police officer kneel on George's neck until he died and said this must never happen again. As usual, the dark forces entered and used the moment as an excuse to riot, loot, burn, and even kill, thus diffusing some of the sentiment we felt. But we still grieve for George Floyd and his family and we still want change.

We must all fight racism. We must hold our police to impeccable standards, both to protect society and to preserve the reputation of all the good law enforcement people who don't deserve to be lumped with the bad ones. We must use our government, our religion, and ourselves to eliminate racism. I don't think we have to destroy our country and start over, but we have to make changes, especially in our hearts and minds. America has been flawed from the beginning, and the flaw must be removed if we are to flourish.

GARY L. GAINES, Cape Girardeau