Safety first when enjoying time in the water this summer

Despite delays because of coronavirus precautions, area pools have started to open for the summer. Others are enjoying the warm weather in their private pools. Before jumping in the water, take a moment to review safety tips for you and your children.

Last month, a group of young boys rescued a 5-year-old girl who nearly drowned in Jacksonís Hubble Creek. Because of their quick action, and one of the boyís previous experience with a friend who nearly drowned, the girl was saved.

Recently, a Naylor, Missouri, 9-year-old drowned while playing in the Black River. According to a story in the Daily American Republic, the boy attempted to swim to an island across the river channel.

These cases are a reminder it does not take very long or much water for a drowning to take place. The Mayo Clinic offers several safety tips:

* Supervise children in the water. Donít leave them unsupervised.

* Learn to swim. Teaching children to swim is not a substitute for proper supervision, but having an understanding of how to swim is helpful for children age 4 and older.

* Learn CPR. This is a good tip regardless of the activity.

* Donít drink alcohol if youíre swimming, boating or supervising children who are swimming.

* Wear a life jacket when boating or fishing.

* When entering the water for the first time, make sure to go feet first and check for water depth and hazards.

* If in a natural body of water, stay in designated swim areas and avoid dangerous locations such as drainage ditches, abandoned surface mines and other areas not fit for swimming.

Keep these precautions in mind as you spend time in the water this summer. Have fun and be safe.