Letter to the Editor


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To whom it may concern:

I am a native of Cape Girardeau who recently returned home for the holidays. I spent the better portion of an afternoon driving through Cape viewing the progress of new homes and businesses that seem to be popping up overnight. I was even more amazed to see the number of homes, businesses, and offices that proudly display the American flag. It feels good to have roots in a community which boldly flies the colors and would never stand to see Old Glory burned in disgrace.

However, a trip down those same streets at night does not offer that same sense of pride. In the shadows all across town you can find the flag clinging to a flag pole alone in the darkness. Stop and ask a Boy Scout the proper way to fly the flag. He will undoubtedly say that it should be taken down before dark unless it is illuminated by an artificial light. He might also make mention of the fact that it should not be flown if it is tattered or torn. Those of us in the military who have sworn to protect the "nation for which it stands" would feel a little bit better to know that Old Glory is being well cared for in our home town.

Jay A. Carroll

First Lieutenant

United States Air Force