Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

Something independent voters, the ones who will have a major voice in deciding the Nov. 5 presidential election, need to be considering: What happens if Hillary or Bill Clinton is indicted within the next year, as appears increasingly likely?

Even now federal grand juries are considering new allegations against Hillary. You have to get this information from alternative media sources, such as the financial press. The mainstream media seem to have little interest in the legal peccadilloes of the Clintons. At any rate, Investors Business Daily, a conservative publication of substantial circulation, reported recently that Hillary and her old friend, Web Hubbell, are under investigation by the Whitewater grand jury over allegations that they may have backdated documents related to the collapse of the savings and loan owned by Bill and Hillary's friend, James McDougal.

The allegation, if true, would involve fraud that contributed to the collapse of a savings and loan that cost the American taxpayers $60 million. Hubbell, of course, is already doing time for fraud. He may be interested in talking to prosecutors to avoid additional charges. McDougal is cooperating with the Whitewater investigators while awaiting sentencing. His ex-wife if behind bars for refusing to cooperate because she fears a perjury charge for her previous testimony. Which is about like sayings, Hey, guys, I lied under oath the first time. As they say, the Clintons' friends certainly are people with convictions.

Hillary also is under investigation for her role in the Travelgate and Filegate affairs, the details of which are widely known, if ignored, seemingly, by many independent voters. Then there's also the possibility that she has committed perjury before one or more congressional committees investigating the various shenanigans of the Clintons and their cohorts.

It may be that while Hillary knows something about the usual commodity markets, truth is a commodity is unknown to her. At any rate, if she is indeed indicted sometime next year, can an indictment of her husband be far behind? If Bill Clinton is re-elected, are we not heading toward another impeachment crisis?

Independent voters might also want to consider a recent column by William Safire, who quoted Clinton as exhorting his aides and ex-aides to stand fast and not cooperate with the special prosecutor. He told them, according to Safire, that if they refused to cooperate he would find the way, either with his own money or the taxpayers' money, to help them with their legal fees.

However, if they plea bargained with Kenneth Starr, by golly they could not expect a penny from his coffers. Does that sound like the exhortations of an honest man, a man with nothing to hide? (Why not urge them instead to tell the truth, clear the air?) As a matter of fact, doesn't it sound like attempted extortion or bribery? Will Mr. Starr add this little speech to his list of items to yet be investigated?

As Christians have been trying to tell Mr. Dole lately, a lot of what this election is about is honesty and character. Which should interest all voters.


Cape Girardeau